Selective laser melting (SLM) with powder on operation panel as a feature is the main method for additive manufacturing. The focused laser beam controlled by scanning software is to scan the metal powder according to a predetermined scanning path. Then melting and cooling till solidify. With layers accumulation, aviation, aerospace, medical and complex precision machinery parts can be manufactured. The most important indicator for 3D additive manufacturing is precision. To ensure the precision, the scan head is required with high standard. The temperature drift and positioning index are essential for scan head as well. There are few galvanometer manufacturers in the world that can meet these high indicators. As one of the main galvanometer suppliers in the industry, PSI has launched two series of high precision scan heads, PSH14AW and PSH20AW, to suit the 3D metal printing market.


Advantages of PSI:

PSH14AW, PSH20AW series of high precision scan head,

long-term drift≤35μrad,

the repeated positioning accuracy≤3um (F420),

top ranking in the area.


PSI Recommended Product Model:



Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)