Laser cleaning has multi advantages:safety, environmental friendly,precise, low energy consumption, applicability and mobility. It is a photophysical reaction caused by the interaction between high-intensity, short-pulse lasers and pollution layers. The software controls the scan head to perform multiple high-speed laser beam to fill and remove coating so as to clean the surface. As one of the most important components of a laser cleaning machine, the scan head’s precision and speed play an essential role.
PSI, as the main supplier of galvo scan heads, has launched two series of high-speed cleaning machine galvos 
PSH 14 and PSH20.

Laser Cleaning

Advantages of PSI:


PSH14 series high-speed galvo, speed ≤ 18 m/s(F160 field mirror), positioning accuracy ≤ 10um,

PSH20 series high-speed galvo, speed ≤ 10m/s(F160 field mirror), positioning accuracy ≤ 10um.



Recommended PSI Product Model: