Laser Scribing

Laser scribing refers to the single or multiple round-trip cutting of the focused laser beam along a specific position of the workpiece. The focused laser beam has a small focal spot and extremely high energy, as continuously vaporizing the workpiece to form a very fine slit. Laser scribing machine has three important indicators: scribing speed, round-trip coincidence degree and focal spot quality. The higher the scribing speed, the better the round-trip coincidence, the higher the efficiency, especially for multiple round-trip scribing. The better the quality of focal spot, the smaller the edge collapse and heat affected area, and the higher the quality of kerf.
According to these three core indicators, PSH14 and PSH20 series of special galvanometers for laser scribing has been launched.


PSI advantages:

PSI galvo Surface accuracy≤1/4λ to ensure the quality of the focal spot

PSH14 series high-speed galvo, speed≤15m/s (F254), round-trip coincidence≤10um,

PSH20 series high-speed galvo, speed≤12m/s (F254), round-trip coincidence≤10um.

The speed of these two series of special scribing galvanometers has reached the highest level in the industry at present under the condition of ensuring the round-trip coincidence ≤10um.


PSI Recommended Product Model:

PSH14E, PSH14, PSH20