Precision Scan Inc. is a high-tech company specializing in optical scanning and control technology. It was established in Vancouver, Canada in 2017. And next year in 2018 Beijing Zhengshi Precision Control Technology Co., Ltd, a joint venture, was set up, located in Beijing, China as a branch. Beijing office is made up with assemble & test, sales, marketing and service, dedicated to providing high precision, high speed, low temperature drift, and high reliability scanning control system while realizing large-scale and stable production.


PSI has cultivated many senior engineers in the field of electronics, optics, precision machinery, especially core technology of beam deflection and scanning control. The core parts of the scanning system, such as motor, drive board, sensor, control card and software are designed and developed independently by PSI.



After years of unremitting efforts, PSI has made numbers of technical breakthroughs, launched series of 2D and 3D optical scanning systems to best fit for industrial application scenarios. With continuous rising higher standards for each part to polish products, PSI has been ranking top on many aspects in the world, but still proceeding for a higher level with a hope to make a better world.