Laser marking, as a permanent marking method, has been widely used in computer, electronics, communication, food and packaging, nameplates, billboards and other industries. Laser can be used for permanent marking on paper, metal, ceramics, plastics and other materials, which can be divided into four ways: static marking, on-the-fly marking, 3D curved surface marking and large format dynamic focusing marking. Engraving  is mainly used in relief, mold processing and other industries. PSI provides  2-Axis, 3-Axis scanning head and software control system for marking/engraving applications, and has obvious advantages in high-precision marking, 3D marking, on-the-fly marking and mold engraving, which require high precision and high speed.



Laser Marking / Engraving


Advantages of PSI:

Input aperture from 10 to 50mm scan heads to meet industrial demands

long-term drift≤35urad, positioning≤2μrad

High speed scan head tracking error≤0.12ms


PSI Recommended models:


2D static marking: PSH10,PSH14E,PSH14,PSH14AW,PSH20,PSH20AW,PSH30AW

On-the-fly marking: PSH10, PSH14

3D curved surface marking: DFS20DFS30

Large format dynamic focusing marking: DFS50

Engraving: DFS20DFS30