PSI galvanometer welding system is compatible with WDD (optional), CCD (optional) and laser power detection module.
Special treatment is made for the possible back reflection of high reflective materials in PSI 6-8KW high power laser scanning welding system, which can improve the reliability of high power laser scanning welding system. And has passed the batch verification of the big factory!

PSI has launched PSH10 and PSH14 series of special galvos for laser drilling.


Laser Drilling

PSI advantages:

PSI galvo reflector type ≤ 1/4 λ; To ensure the quality of focal spot

PSH14 series high-speed galvo with speed ≥ 1500 mm/s (F70 field mirror), 0.2 mm small circle, ellipticity≥ 90% .

PSH10 series high-speed oscillator, speed ≥ 2000mm/s (F70 field mirror), 0.2mm small circle,  ellipticity ≥ 90%.

Recommendation Of PSI product model:

PSH10 , PSH14