Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method with high energy density laser beam emitted by laser generator as heat source. The laser is focused on the welding surface or welding wire surface, and the light receiving surface is heated and melted, and the same or different elements are fused after high temperature, and then cooled and solidified to achieve good connection. The scan head and its control system are commonly used for rapid scanning and precise positioning. And the instantaneous multi-point welding is realized, which greatly improves productivity.


The core indicators of scanning on welding involve speed, temperature drift, focal spot quality and the maximum reachable laser power. The faster the scanning speed and the higher the input laser power, the higher the welding efficiency. The better the focal spot quality, the better the welding quality. PSI has released scanning welding system ranging from 1KW to 8KW.


PSI Advantages:

PSI small laser spot(≤Ф14);

Surface accuracy≤1/4λ;

large spot (≥Ф20);

Surface accuracy≤1/3λ;

to ensure the quality of the focal spot.

The scanning speed of PSI welding, especially for large spot galvos, has reached the highest level in the industry.

The PSI welding system is compatible with WDD (optional), CCD (optional) and laser power detection modules.

PSI has made special treatment for the back reflection that may occur when welding high-reflection materials with 6-8KW high-power welding system, which can improve reliability of the system.It has passed the batch production test from large factories!



Recommended PSI Product Model:

Scan head: PSH14HW/PSH20HW/PSH30MW/PSH30HW-A-V3.0

Welding system: PS2000W/PS3000W/PS6000W






Laser Welding