Laser Trimming

As one of the most important core components of the laser resistor trimmer, its precision, temperature drift and linearity directly affect the performance of the resistor trimmer. Especially, the requirements of the galvanometer in thin film resistor trimming, small size thick film resistor trimming and high precision resistor trimming are getting higher and higher. PSI, as main supplier of premium scan heads,has launched RT, A-RT series to meet market need.


Advantages of PSI:

RT series high-speed galvos, straightness ≤± 1.5um, line spacing accuracy ≤± 1.5um, linearity ≥ 99.9%, long-term drift ≤ 35urad, the scan speed of this series of products reaches the top in the industry based on the above indicators.

A-RT series high-precision galvos, straightness ≤± 0.5um, line spacing accuracy ≤± 1um, linearity ≥ 99.9%, and long-time drift ≤ 35urad, this series if one of the highest precision galvos in the industry.

PSI is the only supplier that can support mass producion of the series around the world.


PSI Recommended Models: