Laser is favored by researchers because of its fast, accurate and bright characteristics. The characteristics of fast speed, strong power and wide frequency spectrum are widely used in all aspects of our lives. Continuous research on laser cutting-edge technology can continuously improve the performance of our products and provide high-quality services for the society.

In addition to the traditional industrial, information, commercial and military fields, the high brightness, monochromaticity, directivity and coherence of laser can be applied in the medical field. If the power is equivalent, the temperature can rise to hundreds to thousands of degrees within a few milliseconds, which will denature, solidify, carbonize and vaporize the tissue protein. The laser produces a strong light pressure heating effect, forming a "light knife", which can be used for cutting tissues in surgery and various conventional operations in the field of ophthalmology. Using low-power laser to stimulate the body can also enhance the body's defense and immunity, and accelerate the skin metabolism. In addition, it is widely used in dentistry. In order to improve the accuracy of laser medical treatment, galvanometer scanning is a reliable choice. Using galvanometer and its control system to realize precise positioning, high speed and stable performance of laser can realize fine treatment.



PSI advantages:



PSI products can be widely used in many fields, such as precision machining, laser trimming, drilling, scribing, cleaning, 3D printing, laser medical treatment, etc.
Possess international advanced technology with PSI, 1 micron positioning accuracy, laser resistance adjustment to provide positioning accuracy of ≤±1um, and scanning straightness of ≤0.5um;
In the field of mosaic scanning, it has extremely low temperature drift and extremely high consistency;
Provide 3KW-8KW high-power laser welding, and can be equipped with CCD and WDD.