Meet with us at CIOE 2022 in China!

Meet with us at CIOE 2022 in China!

New Exhibition data of CIOE 2022 (The 24th China International Optoelectronic Expo) will be rescheduled to December 7-9.

PSI will exhibit our latest products and technologies,such as functional 2D scan heads, 3D scan heads and large format dynamic focusing and control systems.

We are looking forward to meeting you again in Shenzhen in December!

PSI booth No: 6E080, 6E081


About CIOE

CIOE is the worlds leading optoelectronic and annually held in Shenzhen, China since 1999. This exhibition covers information and communications, precision optics, lens & camera module, lasers technology, infrared applications, optoelectronic sensor, photonics innovations. With 23 years successful experience, it is known as the ideal platform for market expansion and market promotion of worldwide optoelectronic enterprises.


The event is an ideal platform for the global optoelectronic professionals to network with business partners and discover the future optoelectronic industry trends. It is also a meeting place to find potential customers, suppliers and future partners under one roof.

CIOE will be your indispensable access to China's optoelectronic market.

Introduction to PSI Technology

01  Laser trimming Galvo Scanner with "Double One" Precision



Galvo is one of the most important core components of laser trimmers

Its precision, temperature drift and linearity directly affect the performance of the resistance adjuster.
In particular, the requirements for galvanometer in thin film resistance adjustment, small-size thick film resistance adjustment and high-precision resistance adjustment are getting higher and higher.
PSI provides A-RT series high-precision galvanometer for the manufacturers of resistance regulator
Straightness ≤±0.5um
Line spacing accuracy ≤±1um
Linearity ≥99.9%

Long-term temperature drift 35urad.



 02 High-precision stitching scanning technology



The most important index of high-precision splicing scanning technology

for laser 3D additive manufacturing is the precision error of molded parts.

In order to ensure the accuracy, the core component of 3D printer-galvanometer is required extremely high.

At present, there are few galvanometer manufacturers in the world that

can meet the temperature drift index and repeated positioning index of galvanometer.

PSI galvanometer has extremely low temperature drift and high consistency,

and is one of the major galvanometer suppliers in this industry.

Two series of high-precision galvanometers, PSH14AW and PSH20AW,

were introduced for 3D printing to meet the market demand.

The double-head scanner works continuously for 8 hours with proportional drift ≤35μrad and repetitive positioning accuracy ≤3um(F420 field lens), reaching the highest level in the industry.


 03 6K-8KW high power laser scanning welding system


PSI closely meets the market demand, and has introduced a laser scanning welding system

with different laser power of 1KW-8KW.

Using galvanometer and its control system to realize rapid scanning and precise positioning of laser.

The instantaneous multi-point welding controlled by program is realized,

which greatly improves the production efficiency.

We are looking forward to meeting you again in Shenzhen in December!

About PSI

Precision Scan( PSI) is the world's leading supplier of galvanometer and dynamic focusing modules, providing ideal products for high precision applications requiring extremely low drift, high precision, high speed and long-term stability. These advanced industrial applications include laser additive manufacturing (3D printing), laser welding, laser marking, laser welding, laser precision cutting and cleaning, etc.
The driving force behind our growth is a team of innovative professionals who are efficient and embrace diversity. Although we are down-to-earth, we pursue the ultimate performance and make continuous breakthroughs in galvanometer.