Innovative Light | PSI Laser Resistor Trimming Sharp Tool Stable Mass Production

PSI core technical team has been devoting to laser scanning research and development for more than 20 years, constantly overcoming technical challenges, achieving top standard in several areas. In recent news, two series of galvo scanners(RT, A-RT)launched by PSI have reached top precision level in the industry, and we are the only manufacturer that can support mass production of the series products.

Please refer to the below resistor trimming specs of PSI scan heads:


The parameters of A-RT series high-precision galvanometer:


Line spacing accuracy≤±1um


Long time temperature drift≤35urad


In addition, RT series high-speed galvanometer:


line spacing accuracy≤±1.5um


long-term temperature drift≤35urad

This series of products achieves the highest speed in the current industry on the premise of ensuring the above indexes.
This technology can be widely used in communication, automotive electronics, sensors, chip resistors, military research, industrial electronics, aerospace and other industries.
By providing products in the field of laser scanning and control with extremely low drift, high precision, high speed and high stability, it will help upgrade the intelligent manufacturing industry of Social Industry 4.0.
PSI will constantly innovate its technology and strive to become the top enterprise in the field of laser scanning and control in the world.